Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Book Bullet What's The Right Book For My Child?

This site will help you understand how to help your chld select a book.
book Simple Strategies for Creating Strong Readers

You will find simple strategies that you can use to make a significant difference in helping children develop into good readers and writers.

book The Five Essential Components of Reading

Help your child learn to be a good reader by systematically practicing these five essential components of reading.

book United Through Reading Recommended Books
Please look at this link to view recommend books that your child may be interested in reading.
Information and strategies to help your child with phonemic awareness will be found on this site.
book Fluency
Here are some behaviors to look for that demonstrate the growing mastery of fluency skills along with how to support their learning in this skill.
book Beginning Reading and Phonological Awareness
Information found on this site will provide you with information on how to teach phonological awareness to your child.
book Vocabulary

Information is provided on how to support your child’s learning of vocabulary words along with suggested books to understand this concept.

book Phonics
You will find information on behaviors to look for that indicates your child’s growing mastery of phonics skills along with how to support their learning in this skill.
Key comprehension strategies along with how to support you child in this skill will be found here.
Here are ten pointers on how to evaluate a young child’s writing.

Five sets of tips will be found here to offer you easy ways to help your child become successful readers. Preschool age level through third grade is covered on this site.