Ready for School

Is Your Child Ready for School?


We are so excited that you'll be beginning Kindergarten in August.  Each year we have been asked by parents, "What can I do to get my child ready for school?

As stated in Month by Month:  Reading and Writing in Kindergarten, "One of the best indicators of how well children will learn to read is their ability to recite nursery rhymes when they walk into kindergarten."

During August and September we will read and share many nursery rhymes with the children through singing, clapping and pantomiming.  Once your child can recite the rhyme, we will practice "reading" the print on a nursery rhyme chart.  We also encourage you to READ to and with your child EVERY day.  Dr. Seuss books are a fun way to develop the phonemic awareness sounds, rhyme and rhythm of language.

Coloring within lines and with control is an important skill also needed for our kindergarten writing program.

It is also important that your child is beginning to notice letters and numbers all around us.  The letters in their name are the most meaningful.  Write their name on their belongings and practice reciting the letters in their name.

Get involved and have fun with your child as they begin the wonderful world of school.  Play board games, count, sing, read, play with Play-Doh or clay, color, hop, skip and jump.  GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the parks in our area.


Mrs. Cantrell, Mrs. Cochran and Ms. Jacobs
Myers Elementary School Kindergarten Teachers