Our School

Here at Myers we believe it is important to BE NICE, WORK HARD, and NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS.  We want our kids to develop GRIT (the ability to see things to the end and get up and go after it even when they are knocked down.)  We believe that if our kids are nice, work hard, show grit, and "put in the work," then they will have a far better chance to live a fulfilled life and be active, compassionate citizens NOW and FOR LIFE.

We believe in the importance of taking time to celebrate successes - academic, athletic, arts, and "hearts."  Students are recognized in front of the entire student body monthly for their achievements on ISTEP+, Accelerated Reading, Science Fair, Math Bowl, Spell Bowl, Arts-a-Budding, Choir, Student Council, and for being a good, kind, and nice person to others.  Student recognition for "head smarts" and "heart smarts" serve as natural motivators for our students to make these choices ...LIFE CHOICES...behaviors they feel good about and want to do over and over and over again.

Myers Elementary School believes in educating the "whole child."  So, we provide after school programs that add to the overall educational experience.  We have a very active Student Council, a 4th and 5th Grade Choir, Math & Spell Bowl Teams, Yearbook Club, an Art Attack Club, Drama Club, Drug Free Club and Nature Club.  We are proud to offer these programs as a means for kids and parents to become more involved with the school.